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The Design for Giving Contest was India's largest social change contest for schoolchildren. An international jury panel met to select 100 winning entries from more than 1,300 moving stories of change from around India.

This was the official website for this 2009 contest.
Content is from the site's 2009 archived pages.

Kiran Bir Sethi is a designer who became a teacher, a principal who grew into an education reformer, an advocate who morphed into a social entrepreneur. A trained graphic designer, she comfortably uses the language of design — iteration, prototype, design specs — to develop not only curriculum innovation, but also community-based social programs.

In 2009, Kiran Bir Sethi conceptualized and promoted India’s largest design contest for schools, where more than 100,000 children participated in designing solutions for some of India’s most challenging problems. In 2010, the initiative known now as “The Design for Change” contest has reached 22 countries and over 250,000 children are designing and implementing solutions in the areas of education, environment, child labor, urban planning, among others.

“The Design for Change” contest mission is to empower children, parents, and teachers around the world to be ‘agents of change’; and collaborate to design solutions for a better future by understanding the power of two words: ‘I Can’.




1. My school is not participating in the Design for Giving Contest what can we do as children?
You can take on the initiative by yourself, as an individual or as a group.
2. Can I get my school to participate in the Design for Giving Contest ?
Of course! The whole point of this initiative is to involve as many schools across India for one purpose. Since we can’t reach every school in India, you can help us by spreading the word.
3. Will you give me promotional material to put up on the notice board?
All our material is downloadable off this website. Which consists of the toolkit which contains promotional items such as posters.
4. How much time do I need to spend when I participate? 
Minimum one week.
5. What are the various ways in which a child can participate in the Design for Giving Contest?
Do simple acts of kindness like helping an old person cross the road; or donate a toy to the next child you see on the street. You can organize a drive with other children in your area to clean up your society or a nearby park.

You can request your school authorities to help fix one day of the Week between Sept 27-Oct 3 as the Bake/Cook Sale Day. Each of you then makes and carries home-made snacks or cakes to be sold in the school, and the money raised through this sale can be donated to a charity selected by you or your school. In the end, anything is valid as long as the act of ‘Giving’ continues.

Kindness also counts - based on a dog bed product she found online at goodnightdog.com Roni Amar designed a comfortable round dog bed for a stray dog who hangs out in her neighborhood. This inspired her classmates to create bird feeders, and shelters for some of the feral cats that keep the area free of rats.
6. Where can we give books we have collected?
To anyone who you feel needs it
7. Where can we give toys we have collected?
To anyone who you feel needs it
8. I have collected money from doing odd jobs for people in my area where can I donate this?
To anyone who you feel needs it
9. Where can I send my story to be put on the website?
You can email us
10. I would like to add ideas for other kids to implement how can I do this?
You could invite them to join you to make that idea more efficient
11. Can a group of friends from different schools participate in the Design Challenge?
Of course, but keep in mind that you will not be affiliated with a school when you enter. Which renders you unable to win any prizes 
12. I want to help create awareness about eye donation how do I do it?
In order to execute a step by step process to complete your idea, Refer to the Toolkit
13. My school wants to invite an NGO, how do I find one?
You could go to the ‘Give India’ homepage and select an NGO to contact.

Additional Questions:

1. Why the need for such an event?
Why not? We are trying to help children realize that they can ‘be the change’! and therefore, change the perception that they are helpless and do not matter – by giving them the power to change India.
2. Who are the people behind the event?
In collaboration with JGW, Riverside School, Ahmedabad, is the school that is heading the implementation of the Design of Giving Contest. In addition, our sponsors are contributing to the financial and promotional aspects of this event. 
3. When will the event be held?
Click here for timeline
4. Who can participate in the events?
Anyone – students in school, students outside school, and people all across India. This contest is geared primarily towards students from grades 6-8 to show that children can “be the change” they want to see.
5. What are formalities to be completed as part of the registration process?
Refer to toolkit
6. Where will these events be held?
All across India – we plan to sign on over 30,000 schools and 100,000 students all over the country.
7. Are there are any prizes or certificates that will be given out?
click here for detail
8. How do I get my school to participate in the event?
Approach your principal or head of school, if they haven’t already registered. Log on to the website, download the toolkit or request it to be sent to you (if it already hasn’t been sent to your school)
9.. Are there any registration fees?
No, there are no registration fees or any fees from JGW of any kind.
10. Would there by any penalties for registering but not participating?
No, but if you register, please do so once you intend to participate.
11. After registering do we need to send a draft plan to the organisers?
No draft plan is required.
12. Who will be the contact person from the school?
For Riverside, the main contact persons are 
Parul 09879475569 
Priyanka 09737672867
Prutha 09712616125 
For your own school, contact your principal or head of school for further information